Josh Difford

Beverly Martel

After his band The Wild State – the acclaimed, Brighton-based group he formed with Laurie White and Oliver Spalding – were forced into a hiatus last year as a result of Covid, Josh Difford decided to resurrect songs he’d previously overlooked to see if he could bring them new life. Sat at home in Hove, he began writing songs for himself and found his love of pure pop and melody coming to the fore. He has just completed recording his debut album ‘Break Up Album’. All tracks Produced by Dave Benkel & Josh Difford and Mixed by Dave Benkel except ‘Leave now go’ & ‘Old Flame’, Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Isabel Gracefield at RAK & BSMNT, asst Adele Phillips, ‘Reverse’ & ‘Then & Back’ Produced by Foss Paterson & Alan Thomson at Maybank Studio, engineer Matt Harvey

I’ve always had this poppier side to me that I’ve spent my whole musical life trying to suppress” he smiles. “The Wild State is very honest writing and it’s very organic in its roots. That is a part of my life that is important to me and it always will be, but as I kept writing songs I was actively not trying to curb my poppier side. I was just letting it come through and I had a lot of fun with it.”

Josh Difford: Discography

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