Beverly Martel

Since being signed to Arista Records in the Spring of 2019, UK production duo AZTX have been heads-down in the studio, looking to take their latest work to new heights. The resulting music will introduce AZTX to the entire world, and just like their new aspirations, it’s only up from here.

The act recorded a number of singles for Beverly Martel prior to this as former “anti-pop metal-heads,” childhood friends Dave Benkel and Jack Lavelle earned their stripes playing bass and guitar in a number of hardcore rock bands in their early teens, before eventually tossing those rockstar aspirations aside at age 16 to join a touring pop cover band. While touring the UK and playing close to 100 shows a year, the duo eventually became acquainted with Jake Roche, the frontman of British pop group Rixton (now known as push baby), whose #1 song “Me And My Broken Heart” was climbing the UK charts at the time.

The viral and fast-rising success of Rixton inspired Benkel and Lavelle to explore the songwriting and production side of the industry, and the Rixton boys immediately took them under their wing, helping set up sessions and inviting the aspiring producers along on writing trips. With encouragement from their mentors and experience from touring in the cover band, the duo were inspired to focus 100% of their efforts on their own artist project, and opened up a studio in their hometown of Blackpool. There, they have continuously developed their signature sound while working with local artists to create energetic, dance-infused pop music.

AZTX: Discography

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