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It’s easy for one to forget that April Ivy is only 20 years old. She’s achieved what many artists work for their entire lives, such as building a significant growth on social media, representing the power of this generation. But these accomplishments are just a tint of April’s worldwide worthy talent, that the industry noticed when she began her career.

Her chart topping first single “Be Ok” made her become the first Portuguese artist, singing in a foreign language (English), to sign a record deal with one of the biggest labels in the world. The song made it to big radio playlists, and it caught the attention of Universal Music France, who signed her in 2016, when she was only 16 years of age.

Besides her voice, performing skills and ability to blend into the studio life, songwriting is another skill she owns, making it so easy to connect with tracks like “Shut Up”, “Run For Cover”, “Frida” or “Tell Me Baby”, all based on personal perspectives and authentic emotions, which are turned to life. She also writes for other artists, having taken part of the songwriting process for various different music genres. As well as songwriting, April plays piano and guitar, two instruments that are used in her live performances as well as in her creative process.

Her career in the show business started at the early age of 9, where April began to give voice to Disney characters (Toy Story 3, Interlaced, Minnie & You, etc) and the art of acting. Having participated in several theatre workshops in Portugal, Switzerland, Norway and England.

It was also at the tender age of 9, that she started taking both piano and voice lessons and formed her first band where she was the lead vocalist and guitarist.

Having studied in an English school in Portugal, April feels her emotions in the same language. Throughout her career, April has been leaving a mark with her music, making her a national sensation when it comes to radio airplay and music festivals, also justifying her MTV award nomination for “Best Portuguese Act”, her “Globos de Ouro” nomination (Portuguese Golden Globes) for best new artist, and the award for “ Best New Artist “ for Nova Era. April has now recorded 3 singles for Beverly Martel

April Ivy: Discography

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