LOYAL are now on Beverly Martel, the 90s are back and LOYAL have brought it to the future.


Irish band Rowan have signed to Beverly Martel and are currently finishing their new EP

Josh Difford

Josh Difford, a member of The Wild State, has signed to Beverly Martel as a solo artist and will shortly release a solo EP.

PH4T SCR4N - Beverly Martel Music


Independent artists and writer-producers from Blackpool England. They’ve started their own label ‘Wow, big legend’ with their friends Push Baby. Bringing indie Pop back to the garage.

Gildor - Beverly Martel Music


Gildor is a Utrecht based singer-songwriter, guitarist and drummer. His acoustic project is a melting pot of Americana and dreamy folk music

Stephen Lipson - Beverly Martel Music

Stephen Lipson

Stephen Lipson is one of the UK’s leading record producers and songwriters. People say the test of a genuinely great record producer isn’t whether or not they’ve had a couple of hits but whether they can keep having them.

Tom Forest - Beverly Martel Music

Tom Forest

Tom Forest is a unique British song-writer and guitarist. After a decade playing guitar in bands, he releases his debut album in 2018.

The Wild State - Beverly Martel Music

The Wild State

The ethereal soundscapes on The Wild State’s “Air Runs Out” should resonate with fans of The War On Drugs and Bon Iver.

The Walker Roaders - Beverly Martel Music

The Walker Roaders

The Walker Roaders the band formed by Ex Pogues member James Fearnley, Grammy Award Producer & ex Flogging Molly member Ted Hutt.

The Philistines Jr. - Beverly Martel Music

The Philistines Jr.

The Philistines Jr. are an indie-pop threesome from Connecticut whose members include super producer Peter Katis, his brother Tarquin, and Adam Pierce.

The High Divers - Beverly Martel Music

The High Divers

The High Divers are steadily materialising into exactly what they’d envisioned. The rock band from South Carolina, USA.

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