Smoke and Feathers

Smoke and Feathers was created in Austin, TX with the meeting of Hunter Cahalan and Josh Terry in late 2007, both possessing unique, original singing and guitar techniques. Josh's heavy southern stylings and Hunter's eerie, mind-bending pulses merged into an unreal blend of rock and roll which could ultimately be described as psychedelic southern rock. Within months, local bassist Alan Houston connected with the pair, bringing his deep low end and groovy thumps into the mix. Soon after, the group picked up drummer Geoff Guillard, combining all-consuming beats with tastefully intricate rhythms to the already booming sound of Smoke and Feathers.

Now, Smoke and Feathers is bringing something new to the table, with their debut Smoke and Feathers EP, available now on iTunes via Frenchie Smith Records / Beverly Martel Music.

Smoke and Feathers

1. Blue Skies 
2. Wicked Ways
3. Gypsy
4. Ride

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Smoke and Feathers - EP